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Nexus One's dual-SIM clone spotted

Nexus One cloneThe Chinese have been cloning almost all the cool smartphones lately, and how come Nexus One could have been missed by them. So here it is, this Nexus One clone matches the original’s looks and also adds a few things. It packs a front facing VGA camera for video chat and ability to accommodate two SIM cards.

The display is a 3.5-inch touchscreen with 10000:1 contrast ratio and 320x480p resolution. The main camera is 2-megapixel and they claim that the secondary camera to be 1.3-megapixel, but in reality, it is just a VGA camera. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity options.

Nexus One clone

Nexus One clone

Nexus One clone

4 thoughts on “Nexus One's dual-SIM clone spotted

  1. Leeches……..all they are …. they will clone even your false teeth….. sad to say this is how their economy booms….. through leeching….

  2. That also means that they have an ability to take one thing and improve on it, adding features that main stream manufacturers missed. They are leeches or whatever, they are clever and most likely, you were made by your parents, but your clothes, watch, glasses and shoes are all made in China.

  3. heya,

    No, as a Chines person, they are pretty much leeching. *shrugs*. It’s just how they roll, there’s a strange lack of morals in the mainland when it comes to money-making.

    I hate to generalise, but for many, it seems as if they’d sell their own mother if the price was right.

    There’s a reason I’m always mistrustful of the low-end food when I head back.

    And your things may all be made there, but that’s just globalisation – they currently have the cheapest labour force, and the lowest amount of government interference (for better or for worse).

    When I (or you) take somebody’s ideas, and improve on it, you’re still meant to pay credit (or royalties, if you will) to the original idea. If you don’t, it’s basically patent infringement (assuming that stuff is patented), or unethical if it’s not – basically think plagiarism, but on a commercial level. And yes, Chinese (PRC) uni students have a reputation (deserved or not) for being plagiarizers. Can you guess why?


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