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Try Android 2.2 'Froyo' On Your Computer – Guide

Want to try Android 2.2 on you computer. Android emulator works on any platform, and it’s totally free. Here’s how to load up Android Froyo on your desktop in just a few minutes.

Set Up the Emulator

The preparations:

• The Android SDK (Windows, Mac)


1. Extract the Android SDK. You should see a collection of folders and files including names like Platforms, Add-ons and Tools

2. In the Tools folder, open an app or script called Android. This will start the SDK manager app.

3. In the manager app, click the Available Packages button in the left column. This should present you with single option for download. This is a repository; downloading it will do nothing but give you new download options, so go ahead and do that.

4. From the new download list, select and download the following four items (This will take a few minutes—you’re downloading the actual OS here, as well as some extra tools):

5. Once the downloads are completed and installed, navigate back to the “Virtual Devices” section in the left column of the SDK manager. On the right side of the window, click New.

6. This is the windows where you can define the parameters of your imaginary, emulated Android phone. Aside from the mandatory Android 2.2 target setting, you’ll need to decide on a few settings. You can get by with a small virtual SD card, so feel free to set that at a few hundred megabytes. For the screen resolution, don’t necessarily choose the highest setting (WVGA854)—it’s 854 pixels tall, which may be taller than your computer’s screen, if you have a MacBook or other smaller widescreen notebook.

7. Click Create AVD. Your computer might lock up for a second, and the app may become unresponsive for a bit longer than that, but don’t worry—just let it do its thing.

8. Now, under Virtual Devices, you’ll have a simulated Android phone. Select your phone, and click Start. (Startup can take a little while. If it’s not done in two or three minutes, try again, or create a new virtual device.)

You’re in Android Froyo! Look around a little.

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