Dropbox launches in Android Market

Much awaited official Dropbox app has been released into the Android Market. The service allows you to store files in the cloud, pulling them down to any computer or your Android device.

Along with the Android app, the Dropbox team announced a set of developer APIs for use in bringing the functions of Dropbox to other mobile apps.

Among the various features of the Droidbox app, this one is real nice, Users can edit documents from within the application itself, with the changes you make being reflected across all the different devices that the document is synced with. Other features include:

  • Upload from a device to your Dropbox
  • Download files from your Dropbox
  • Share links of your files to different people
  • Ability to auto upload images as you take them
  • Search your Dropbox

“With the innovation and growth in mobile computing, the industry is shifting from a PC and desktop centric model to one where our daily computing experience spans multiple devices and locations. By providing seamless and ubiquitous access to users’ files and media in the most popular phones and tablets, Dropbox Anywhere helps deliver on the promise of the new mobile model, and makes using these devices more productive and fun,” said Drew Houston, CEO and founder of Dropbox, in a statement.

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