Incredible apps for Verizon Droid Incredible

It’s the best Android phone right now in the market and you must have the best applications for it, we have compiled a list of 20 Best Droid Incredible applications. Just head over to Android Market and start downloading.

20 Best Droid Incredible Applications

EasyNote makes the list because of its multi-use capabilities. Create shopping lists, track daily tasks, or simply jot down your thoughts.

ShopSavvy’s free app was one of the first bar code scanners for Android, and is still one of the best. Scan or manually search for an item, and you can find local and Web results, complete with retailer details and price filters to help you get the best deal.

PDAnet really comes through in a clutch, tethering your Android phone to your laptop for Internet connection.  Free, the Android app is generous with its features, compared to other premium services.

Google Maps is becoming a useful way to orient yourself and your social life. Free, this Android app rolls out frequent updates, such as voice navigation and an option for viewing nearby friends. Search for nearby venues, see contact details, ratings and reviews.

As Twitter is highly popular and highly mobile, an Android app that meets these needs is a necessity. Twitter has launched its official application and that’s the best.

Pandora brings you streaming radio, no matter where you are. Free, this Android app lets you star with an artist, and creates a radio station with similar music.

One Android app that has landed a top grossing spot for Android is Documents2Go. The $9.99 document-sharing Android app gives mobile access to your files, making it easier to track and share items.

Google Voice lets you route numbers and interact with calls via email and SMS, which can now be done through your Android phone. The free Android app lets you place calls and send text messages from your Google number, as well as listen to voicemail and read transcriptions of incoming voice messages.

Google Talk is another Google-owned Android app that comes with your phone, letting you see your online friends and chat with them anytime. The free Android app lets you update your status, manage your buddy list and view profile information.

Meebo is another free chat tool, letting you sign in and communicate with all the major chat clients. More fluid than eBuddy, the Meebo Android app is also tied to your main account, giving you access to saved chats and history from any computer.

Truphone for Android gives you mobile access to major chat clients, Skype, and various social networking outlets such as Twitter.  TruPhone’s free Android app also lets you make free VoIP calls, creating a hub for a large portion of your digital communication needs.

PageOnce’s Personal Assistant Android app can do a number of things, including mobile banking.  From your bank accounts to your credit card accounts, the free Personal Assistant can help you keep tabs on most of your financial activity. Monitor balances, transactions and investment activity across multiple accounts, with integrated reminders for bill pay to help you better manage your funds.

Firethorn is a mobile banking company, having taken measures to protect your privacy on the many platforms it supports.  Its free Android app, called Mobile Banking for Android, gives you several banking features to let you view your account balances, pay bills, see account activity and reward points. Firethorn’s Android app is also good for those with accounts at multiple banks.

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Google Finance also has an app of its own on Android.  The free app gives you mobile access to your Google Finance portfolios, letting you keep up with the companies you are watching and those in which you have invested.  With concern around Google’s limited app regulation for third parties, using a Google-run app may ease your mind.

USA Today (free) has a well-rounded news app for Android.  The USA Today news Android app delivers headlines across sports, money, and other categories. Get the weather, snapshots and photo highlights from the app’s home screen. Subscribe to any category for a more customized experience. Read full articles, and share stories with friends via email, SMS, or any other sharing app you have on your Android mobile device.

AP Mobile is a global news Android app, letting you drill down by zip code for relevant news. This free app has a custom home screen based on several available categories and subcategories.  From there, you can access headlines, photos and videos with full-article access. Save and share articles, with push notifications available as well.

WeatherBug Elite is a top-notch Android app, giving you a widget and live, local weather.  There is also radar animation to follow weather developments and additional map layers for highly detailed information. For $1.99, WeatherBug also comes with a widget to place on your Android home screen for quick and interactive access.

As a trusted resource, The Weather Channel Android app is a free competitor to WeatherBug Elite. Having its free app on your Android gives local weather forecasts and current conditions based on your GPS. Set severe weather alerts and receive notifications on your handheld. This Android app also has a home screen widget, and detailed camera views as well.

FilesAnywhere is a limited-free Android app offering easy access to all the files on your phone. Helpful for those who share files between their computer and their phone, FilesAnywhere gives you several action options for each file. Fax, email, and organization features are just a few of the options available.

Doodle Jump is an Android app that incorporates many highlights of mobile gaming. For $3.99, you get an adventure game with good graphics, a story line that can be picked up or dropped at any time, and a good example of how well games can work on the Android’s touch screen. Unlike other popular Android games, Doodle Jump is playable across most versions of the platform and devices.

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