Acer announces LumiRead e-book reader

acer-lumireadAcer made their Android based e-book reader more official with a press release today. Acer CEO some days back showed the device in an event, but it was thought to be a tablet. But, now we know it is an e-book reader.

The 6″ LumiRead, which is half-typical e-reader, and half-all new measures only a few millimeters thick, has QWERTY keypad, comes with 2GB of memory for storing books and other materials, WiFi and 3G. It will be using Barnes & Noble and e-book stores.

Another interesting feature is an ISBN scanner, which lets you scan book ISBN codes and store them for future online download of those books or make a wish-list.
Their is no pricing details right now, but keeping in mind the competition it should cost somewhere around $225.

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