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Dell’s budget Android phone leaked – Dell Mini 3T1

Dell’s second Android smartphone after Dell Mini 3i or Dell Aero might be the Dell Mini 3T1, which has just appeared in China. The Mini 3T1 supports the Chinese homegrown 3G standard being promoted by carrier China Mobile, TD-SCDMA, according to the government regulator.

That means China Mobile is likely to offer the phone, and that the phone could have a version of the Android operating system that China Mobile has modified, just like Dell’s last phone for the carrier.

The Mini 3T1 also has a shorter screen than the other phones, using the extra space for three buttons below the screen and a circular section that looks potentially like another button pad. The phone appears to have a 2.0 megapixel camera in the Chinese regulator’s image of its back. No details on pricing or launch dates were available.

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