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Barnes & Noble releasing Nook Lite, Nook 2

nookHere is the latest from E-reader front. Goodereader is reporting that Barnes and Noble is working on two other versions of its Android based e-reader Nook.  Few days ago, we reported that Best Buy will be offering Nook at their stores.

Keeping in mind the growing competition with Apple iPad, Kindle and several other e-readers, it seems to be a wise move to launch a lite version of existing Nook. Nook Lite will be just like Nook, but with lack of 3G connectivity. It will still retain the Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can still connect to the internet and the E-Book store to make purchased.

The rumored price of Nook Lite is $199. Another version which is in making will be Nook 2 or Project Encore. There are no specifics known about this e-reader but, it will have a proper web browser on-board and might have Android market support as well. Nook 2 will be using Freescales’ new Color E-Ink technology.

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