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Asus Android Eeepad to launch in July

Waiting for an Android competitor for Apple’s iPad, next in line is Asus. Asustek Computer chairman Jerry Shen has announced, at a conference in Taiwan, that the company will introduce its tablet PC, the Eee Pad, at Computex 2010. The event is scheduled between June 1-5.

Asus is aiming to launch the device in retail channels in the third quarter of 2010, and the same was revealed by the sources from component makers.

Digitimes reported that to compete against Apple’s iPad, Asustek has strengthened the Eee Pad’s industrial design and has cooperated with Google to adopt its Android platform. Asustek will also add features that iPad currently does not support such as USB, integrated webcam, and Adobe Flash.

Analysts estimate the price of Android Eeepad around US$479-510.

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