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World’s first Android powered Car coming

roewe-350-productionSmartphones, Photo Frames, Tablets, MIDs. Robots, Washing Machines, TV and many more. Another addition to the growing list of Android running devices is a car, well thats right, it’s a car.

The Roewe 350, has become the world’s first Android equipped automobile. The car features a DVD/GPS system that runs on Android 2.1, the latest kernel release from Google. The system will enable drivers to gain access to real-time traffic reports and allows for direct web access from within the car. Being constantly connected, the car also allows the driver to be contacted via online chat.

The 350 was based on the Roewe N1 concept car that was shown at the Shanghai Auto Show last year. The concept itself was the epitome of 3G lifestyle.  Roewe 350 went into production late yesterday and will eventually launch on April 23rd at the Beijing Auto Show.

More on Roewe:  The company is an amalgamation of the Chinese company SAIC and the old British car manufacturer Rover/MG.

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