Wake up devs, Car Locator is making $13,000 per month in Android Market

Well, we finally have a app success story in Android Market, i.e. “Car Locator”. It’s a beautiful front end to solve the “Dude, where’s my car?” problem many forgetful people experience.
The app has a free version, but also a paid version that has been downloaded a little over 6,500 times earning Edward Kim $13,000/month. He’s hopeful he can make more, and he even doubled the price of his application without greatly impacting sales.
I hope this gives hope to other Android app developers, so that they come up with more interesting and nice applications.


* About 70,000 downloads of the free version.
* 6,590 downloads of the paid version
* Price of the app was raised from $1.99 to $3.99
* The app steadily climbed the charts, briefly reaching a peak of #4 in the Travel category for paid apps.


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