Samsung/LG Android phones to use FX 3D UI?

With the all the Holi Celebrations going on in the background, When I was going through various Chinese websites, I came across this report which suggested the LG and Samsung could use the FX 3D UI in their upcoming Android phones, While they were skeptical about the the use by Samsung, which has its own TouchWiz UI.

FX UI on Nexus One
FX UI on Nexus One

Report went on to say that both of the companies are very interested in the UI and we could see phones running on it soon.

FX UI was first seen at the Mobile World Congress last month but went unnoticed except a few reports here and there. Unwired View posted a report on the UI, saying that this could come to both Samsung ans LG phone running on Android, Windows Mobile or any other OS, like Bada.

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