How to watch High-definition videos on HTC Dream/G1

If you have a high-definition video and want to transfer it to the HTC Dream for playback, what will you do? Given the top priority of its formats being supported, you are required to use a HD Converter, with which you will easily experience favorite videos or movies anytime and anywhere.

Found via search engine, you will inevitably get bunches of similar converters like BestHD, Xilisoft, Moyea, etc. Comparing among them in terms of their capacity, I picked Moyea Blu-ray Ripper, the best one admired by many netizens and users. Using this software, you simply need three steps to end up the conversion and enjoy videos on your HTC Dream. In the first step, you need to add your Blu-ray disc or files to this software. Second, you can choose output format like 3GP, MP4, H.264 accepted by HTC Dream from the drop-down menu of ‘Format’ on the main interface. Next, you can do some settings like streams, audio tracks, file size, channels, frame rate, etc if you wanna get desirable video size and resolution. (Of course, you are enabled to skip this step and directly enter the last step). Last, now, after the above-mentioned three steps are done, you can launch the conversion. BTW, no worries about time consumed, since this software used advanced multi-thread technology accelerating the running speed. Combined with its changeable special effect, you are allowed to add watermarks, remove interlacing issues, synchronize output audio and video, etc.

Hopefully this article will help you to enjoy HD videos with your HTC Dream with ease.

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