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China Unicom launches Android-based Samsung Galaxy I6500U

China Unicom, one of the Big Three integrated telecom operator in the country, will bring another mobile phone based on the Android operating system to the market in an ongoing effort to diversify its product array. Samsung Galaxy I6500U, the long-awaited model based on the Android platform initiated by Google Inc, will be available nationwide in the near future, announced the terminal division of China Unicom lately.

The device, made by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., will be the second Android-powered model customized by China Unicom, according to the Beijing-based company. In mid March, China Unicom rolled out XT701, the first model based on the Google-initiated operating system, in cooperation with Motorola, Inc.
Samsung Galaxy I6500U will be available for Android fans one or two weeks after an advance sale, said the China Unicom terminal unit, noting that the gadget will be first put up for sale on, a partner of China Unicom, from March 29.

Like Motorola XT701, the new model will enable users to get an access to the full-fledged WCDMA network operated by China Unicom. In addition, 3G users can surf on the Internet in places covered by Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) network and can enjoy featured 3G services provided by the telecom operator.

“Samsung Galaxy I6500U will refresh users’ Internet surfing experience by bringing the mainstream websites within the reach of users conveniently,” said an executive for China Unicom, “the device has a browser bookmark preinstalled with some popular online information platforms and applications.”

The mobile phone has a simple and stylish appearance specially designed for businessmen and youngsters, supporting a wide range of functions that personal computers (PCs) offer.

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