Best Applications for Motorola Backflip

As Motorola Backflip hits stores on March 7. Many of you will buy the device and will be the proud owners of the brand new Backflip, first Android phone from AT&T.

So, now, you will need applications for you Backflip, we have put together a list of cool and necessary Android applications for you device. All these application are available in Android Market right now, so just head over to Android Market and type the name of the app you need and hit search. After that everything become easy.

Best Social Networking Apps:

Hootsuite: Hootsuite’s Twitter client is making its way to Android handsets, in both free “Lite” and premium versions.

The main difference between Web version of HootSuite and HootSuite Lite on Android, is that, like the iPhone app, you can only monitor up to three accounts, and you don’t get access to metrics. All of the other features, like tweeting, checking lists of who you follow, saved searches of favourite topics, sharing photos, shortening web site URLs for easy sharing, and scheduled tweets are available in the free version, and make HootSuite a twitter client to be reckoned with.

Seesmic: Seesmic now offers the Twitter client you’ve been waiting for! A powerful feature-rich application that’s simple and easy to use.

Seesmic for Android groups all your Twitter timelines in one simple screen. Whether you want to scroll infinitely in your friends timeline or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one tap away in a beautiful interface.

Share photos, videos and your location in your tweets, with the service you want. We included popular photos and videos sharing websites like yFrog, TwitPic and even Youtube. You can also automatically shorten URLs you type with, or Tinyurl.

You can choose to be notified for what maters to you: all your tweets, your replies or your direct messages. Do you want to be alerted by a specific ringtone, or just by a discreet little light? No problem, you can configure to be notified for what you want and how you want.

Twidroid: This Android-based Twitter app is available in a free and a pro (paid) version. Both of Twidroid’s offerings provide most every Twitter function you might need, from the basic — viewing and sending tweets, following and unfollowing users, viewing profiles — to the more advanced: saved searches, URL shortening, photo posting, and geo-location support.

Myspace Mobile: If you love MySpace, you’re really going to love MySpace Mobile for Android. Simply download the free application to stay connected with your friends, share photos, and check out the tour schedules of your favorite bands… anytime, anyplace!

Facebook Mobile: FaceBook application provides several of the features supported by Facebook. Features supported include:

1. Home (NewsFeed, Events, Requests)
2. Profile (Info, Wall, Photos)
3. Friends (Status, Online, Photos)

FacebookBook provides the option to either choose the “mobile” or “full” website at the bottom of the screen.

Meebo: Meebo is a free IM program that supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace IM, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ. You can also sign in using a Meebo account and your chat history will be saved forever, and can be accessed from anywhere by logging in at

Best Google Apps:

Google Shopper: It recognizes books, CDs, DVDs, and video games by their cover art, and also offers barcode scanning and voice search. You can view prices, reviews, and specs, and star your favorites for later. Shopper also saves your history for use offline and lets you share products with friends. Currently U.S. prices only.

Google Skymap: The Google Sky Map app, free, actually overlays information about the night sky onto your Backflip display. It uses a combination of GPS data, compass data, and date and time information to help you identify planets, stars, and constellations.

Google Voice: The official Google Voice for Mobile app fully integrates Google Voice functionality into your new Backflip phone. Once installed, you can make outgoing calls from your Google Voice number with the touch of a button, right from your contacts list. You also gain easy access to voicemail and Google Voice-based SMS messaging.

Other Apps:

Pandora on Android: Like its online and on-the-iPhone counterpart, the Pandora Android app lets you listen to personalized radio stations based on your favorite artists or songs. Thanks to Android’s multitasking capabilities, you’ll be able to rock out while running other apps.

Locale: Locale lets you customize your phone’s settings based on your location. You could program the app to set your phone to vibrate every time you’re at your office, or set it to go silent when you enter the perimeter
of your local movie theater. You can get advanced and make exceptions for VIP callers, too.

ASTRO File Manager: Browse and Search files on your SD Card and phone with Astro File Manager.

Shazam: Simply great! Get any song by simply letting your phone listen to it!

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  1. I just want to say that i love this phone so much i hope my mom gets it for me even though i'm 12

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