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Motorola to remove HTC from top spot in making Android phones

Digitimes is saying that Motorola is most likely to unseat HTC as the world’s largest manufacturer of Android-powered handsets this year.
It also states that Motorola’s shipments of Android phones accounts for a 34.7% share in the segment, while HTC is only 31.9%.

Shipments of Android phones by HTC totaled six million units in 2009, making HTC the number one vendor with a 64.5% share of the segment, Digitimes Research estimated.

Motorola has released seven more Android-based smartphones after Droid with plans to launch a total of 30 Android smartphones in 2010.

HTC’s share in the Android smartphone segment is expected to drop by nearly half in 2010 as compared the 2009 level, because the company will also continue to launch Windows Mobile- and Brew MP-based models in addition to Google phones.

via Digitimes

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