Marvell launches Armada 618 and Pantheon chips

£60/$99 Android phones for 2010
Guys from Marvell were on a roll today. After announcing high end Armada 618 chips for Android and other OS, which run at a speed of 1 gigahertz and the ability to work with good 3-D graphics and 1080p high-definition video, they also announced cheap Pantheon chips which will bring down Android phone prices to $99.

The next-gen Pantheon chips are based on Marvell’s PXA9 architecture, formerly known as Tavor, and comes complete with a full high-performance ARM instruction set. Marvell reckons that using this cost-effective approach, smartphone manufacturers will be able to bring a more price sensitive smartphones to market, ushering in the age of the sub-$99 smartphone.

While Armada 618 is based on a Marvell-designed ARM v7 compatible CPU offering gigahertz-class performance in a 12mm x 12mm package. It offers the flexibility to use LP-DDR1 or LP-DDR2 memory up to 533 MHz, a highly flexible display controller capable of four simultaneous displays at up to 2K x 2K resolution, and a highly robust security subsystem that includes a secure execution processor. In addition, it features a powerful 3D graphics engine that supports DirectX, Open GL ES 2.0, and Open VG 1.1, rendering up to 45 million triangles per second with a complete floating point pipeline and unified vertex and fragment/pixel shading, generating contrast-rich scenes with high-definition resolution and color. ARMADA 618 supports Linux, Android™, Windows Mobile, and full Adobe Flash.

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