Google to Add 'Pinch to Zoom' to More Android Phones

Earlier this week, Google finally released an update for its very own Nexus One that enables pinch-to-zoom support. It now turns out that this update will not be limited to the Nexus One.

PCMag is reporting that Google will launch a new Android platform release called “Android 2.1 – Update 1,” which will include the updates for all Android manufacturers.

After the launch, it would be possible for any Android device that have a touch screen with multitouch capability to offer pinch-to-zoom gestures in the Web browser, maps and gallery applications. That could potentially include every Android phone now available worldwide.

But read between the lines, Google is releasing this to manufacturers, not directly to users. It will be up to Motorola, Samsung, HTC and the wireless carriers to boil the new software down for their individual phones.

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