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Comsys Mobile and HelloSoft Announce Low Cost Android WiMAX phone Reference Design

Comsys Mobile and HelloSoft have announced a low cost Android WiMAX, GSM and WiFi reference design at the 2010 Mobile World Congress. The design features the combination of HelloSoft’s award-winning VoIP and convergence client suite for Android running on the low cost HS100 IP Convergence Processor combined with Comsys Mobile’s award-winning ComMAX® CM1125, the industry’s only multimode WiMAX/GSM communication processor, which has recently completed Clearwire’s iIOT testing.

“There is a strong market demand for low cost Android multimode WiMAX/GSM phones,” commented Ronny Gorlicki, Comsys Mobile EVP Sales. “The combined reference design using HelloSoft’s Android VoIP Convergence Software Suite and HS100 IP Convergence Processor with WiFi together with the Comsys Mobile CM1125 WiMAX/GSM-EDGE provides a compelling feature set at very competitive price point. The design allows ODM/OEMs to bring to market quickly phones and other low cost wireless devices. This product category addresses a significant market need in both emerging markets and mature markets where GSM is essential in the handsets and 4G capabilities bring unheard of high-speed wireless data on-the-go to mobile users.”

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