Best Android Development Guides/Books

Well now everyone is trying their hands on the Application development, the success of App Store and our very own Android Market has shown the great opportunities to the budding developers. But as Android is still new for some, so they would like to have a guide for them before jumping the arena.
So, we have compiled a list of Best Android Development Books for you.

The First in the list is Hello, Android:

Getting started developing with Android is easy. You don’t even need access to an Android phone, just a computer where you can install the Android SDK and the phone emulator that comes with it. Within minutes, “Hello, Android” will get you creating your first working application: Android’s version of “Hello, World.”
From there, you’ll build up a more substantial example: an Android Sudoku game. By gradually adding features to the game throughout the course of the book, you’ll learn about many aspects of Android programming including user interfaces, multimedia, and the Android life cycle.
If you’re a busy developer who’d rather be coding than reading about coding, this book is for you. To help you find what you need to know fast, each chapter ends with “Fast forward” section. These sections provide guidance for where you should go next when you need to read the book out of order.

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About the Author

Ed Burnette is a software industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience as a programmer, author, and speaker. His development credits include everything from commercial video games to high-performance grid computing systems. Ed is a founding member and senior researcher at the SAS Advanced Computing Lab.Ed has authored numerous technical articles and books, including Google Web Toolkit: Taking the Pain out of Ajax and Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide. He writes the Dev Connection blog for ZDNet, and is the creator of Planet Android.In his copious spare time, you can often find him playing video games with his two sons at their home in central North Carolina.

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The Next for you is Professional Android Application Development: Who this book is for
This book is for anyone interested in creating applications for the Android mobile phone platform. It includes information that will be valuable whether you’re an experienced mobile developer or just starting out writing mobile applications.

What you will learn from this book

  • Best practices for Android mobile development
  • An introduction to Activities, Intents, the manifest, and resources
  • How to create user interfaces with layouts and custom views
  • Techniques to store and share your application data
  • Instructions for creating map-based applications, using location-based services including GPS, and geocoding locations
  • How to create and use background Services and Notifications
  • Working with the accelerometers, compass, and camera hardware
  • All about phone and networking hardware such as telephony APIs, SMS, and network management
  • Advanced development topics, including security, IPC, and some advanced graphics and user interface techniques

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Another Best Book for Android Development is Pro Android:

Pro Android is the first book that includes coverage of the new Google Android 1.5 SDK (including the branch formerly called Cupcake). This essential book covers the fundamentals of building applications for embedded devices thru through to advanced concepts, such as, custom 3D components.

* Takes a pragmatic approach to developing Google Android applications.
* Examines the Android Virtual Device; the Input-Method Framework, special development considerations for touch screen vs. keyboard/traditional input, Voice Recognition, and Live Folders,
* Covers the Android media APIs (Media APIs, WI-FI APIs, etc), including the
new simplified OpenGL, improved Media Framework and more.

With Android 1.5 and this book that includes Android 1.5 coverage, developersyou should will be able to build leading edge mobile applications ranging from Games to Google Apps like add-ons to Google Docs and more—no matter the device interface. Extend and run APIs of the new Google Chrome browser/WebOS on G1, G2 and other forthcoming next generation Google Phones and other Android enabled devices and Netbooks.

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