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All About 'Adam' by Notion Ink

Adam is one such Tablet which will set standards in its category. Made by All Indian firm Notion Ink, it is going to be launched soon, we will get to know more about it in the Mobile World Congress.

This device comes loaded with the nVidia Tegra 2 chip and features a PixelQi display. These are two things which will be seen together first time in any device.

Talking about the features of Adam

Dual-Core ARM CORTEX -A9 MPCORE Processor – Uncompromised Web experience, including low power Flash 10.1 acceleration , HD video playback, unmatched battery life, 140 hrs of Audio and over 16 hrs of HD video playback

180 degree Swivel Camera for still photography and video – do high resolution imaging with 10inch screen display, effects, focus selection and much more!

Ultra Low Power NVidia Graphics Processing Unit – Enhanced NVIDIA graphics technology, enabling full flash acceleration, next generation 3D rendering performance for most compelling UI and games

Full High Definition Multimedia – Up to 1080p cideo encode/decode and support for HD Web streaming formats, such as YouTuve HD

Battery Life – Over 140 hours audio and over 16 hours of HD video playback

Ebook Client – Now all major ebook format supported. And with amazing proprietary light sensing technology and display, digital reading was never so pleasing!

3G and WiFi Connectivity, Multi-touch Support

Improved Android UI for 10inch devices – Not just the expanded screens. You will see slow and steady improvements on all UI areas making Android the perfect OS for tablets. It’s Open, and developers are waiting for Android + Tegra powered SKD!

Price: Adam will be priced around $300 and will be in market soon

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