Adobe announces Air, Flash 10.1 for Android

Adobe has announced the launch of its Air platform for Android, which is used to build desktop applications. It will be available for Google Android mobile phones later this year. The move marks a further development in Adobe’s battle to retain its place in the mobile market, despite Apple’s iPhone and iPad consistently rejecting the chance to incorporate support for Adobe Flash.

Adobe faces a challenge, however, from the forthcoming web standard, HTML 5. Many across the industry believe that its features will render many of Flash’s redundant.

At the Mobile World Congress yesterday, Adobe announced Flash 10.1 and AIR for Android as part of the Open Screen Project. What that essentially means is Flash and AIR developers will be able to easily deploy content to all Android devices.

Flash 10.1 is expected later this year and Adobe is pushing to ensure Flash content is accessible regardless of whether it is viewed on PC, netbook, tablet, or mobile device.

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