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Seven HTC Android phones leaked

HTC to Launch Seven Smartphones in 2010: Espresso, Huangshan, Liberty, Halo, Paradise, Supersonic & Legend

Luckily for Android lovers like us, some of HTC’s intentions for 2010 have been quietly leaked so let’s briefly check them out and see if they are indeed quietly brilliant.

Don’t expect any pictures or full specifications for now. It’s way too early for that. But at MWC, HTC might just unveil some of these upcoming babies. These leaks have come courtesy of some overzealous publishing of handset user profiles. The seven devices – complete with screen resolution and keyboard details – include a QWERTY-equipped version of the HTC Tattoo, the HTC Halo.

  • HTC Espresso: QWERTY keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Huangshan: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Liberty: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Halo: QWERTY keyboard version of the Tattoo
  • HTC Paradise: QWERTY keyboard, 240×400 pixel display
  • HTC Legend: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Supersonic: No physical keyboard, 480×800 pixel display

Motorola is said to launch 20 to 30 Android handsets this year so we’ll be interested to see how many will HTC make.

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