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Samsung to update Galaxy and Spica to Android 2.0

Just a Note: Samsung is planning to upgrade its both European Android phones to Android 2.0 next month. Googl Nexus One is running on Android 2.1 but looks like it is struck to N1 for now.

Samsung’s Twitter accounts says that both the Galaxy and the Galaxy Lite (Spica in some territories) will get the new upgrade, which makes sense seeing as the phones can handle it, and both use ‘vanilla’ Android with no overlay.

3 thoughts on “Samsung to update Galaxy and Spica to Android 2.0

  1. hi gaurav,
    are they planning to update their phones in india too??? i was planning to buy spica but when i read this news here.. i think i can wait…do u think i should wait if its coming or do i go ahead???

    1. Rajneet,

      Spica has already got Android 2.1 update in India, You can buy the phone and go to any Samsung Service Center and get 2.1 installed on you device…

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