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Open Kernel Labs Enhances ARM Solution Center for Android

Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) today announced its participation in the ARM Solution Center for Android, a collaborative resource for designers and developers of ARM technology-based products running on Android, the open-source platform from the Open Handset Alliance.

The OKL4 Microvisor helps device OEMs, mobile network operators (MNOs), and semiconductor suppliers meet next-generation requirements for mobile devices more quickly and less expensively. OK Labs Secure HyperCell Technology also offers strong subsystem isolation, enhancing security and reliability.

With OK:Android, the OKL4 Microvisor enables Android to be used as a guest OS running in a secure cell on the ARM family of processors. OK:Android gives device OEMs, MNOs, and semiconductor suppliers a faster path to developing and delivering new mobile designs and lower cost devices, along with new levels of security and robustness.

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