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Notion Ink 'Adam' – Hands On

All this while, we have been talking about Notion Ink’s Adam Android tablet. Folks over Gizmodo got to see it live at CES, where its prototype was on display. Device is still rough but future surely looks bright.

Adam isn’t the only device at CES to sport Nvidia’s Tegra2 chip and Android 2.0, but the thing that separates it from the rest of the pack is its Pixel Qi transflective screen. This 10.1-inch display can switch between a backlit LCD mode to a low-power electrophoretic reflective mode (similar to E-Ink).

While the LCD colors don’t seem to be as vivid as normal LCDs in the market, it’s certainly an interesting technology, and something that Notion Ink might want to look into.

Adam is surely the device, we in India are waiting eagerly, officially it’s India’s first foray in Android arena.

Check out the Adam images and Video from CES below:

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