Nexus One at Wal-Mart – How does it matter?

The news is everywhere, even we reported it just a while back. Blogs and tech websites are beginning to buzz that Wal Mart may begin to sell the Google Nexus One handset.

But, if we look into the positives and negatives of this move by Google. Well, Wal Mart will become the first retail store to sell Nexus One offline, N1 has been available online for quiet sometime at Google’s own store. This is certainly good for the phone, offline sales are always better, customer does not have to wait for the phone to arrive at your doorstep after ordering it online.

But, Wal-Mart already sells Blackberry, Palm Pre, and handsets from HTC and Motorola that run Android. Wal Mart also carries phones from the world’s largest handset companies Nokia, LG, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. That does not give these companies any special sales figures, so why we should care.

Another point which 24X7WallSt states is that the only things that stand in its path are the good, old-fashioned hurdles of product quality and customer service. Initial reaction to the Nexus One is that the customer service is poor. Wal Mart can’t help with that.

Another point which we can not leave behind is the fact that we are hearing that Nexus One which will be sale at Wal-Mart will support different wireless bands including 1xEvDO for 3G on Sprint and Verizon and UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900 for 3G on AT&T. Now that is interesting.

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