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Motorola Zeppelin spotted again?

Several tech blogs today reported a leaked image of Motorola Zeppelin and it is supposedly coming to Mobile World Congress 2010.

There seems to be something wrong here. We were the first ones to report the existence. After that we again reported the its launch in China with a different name of Motorola XT800. But there after everyone forgot about it thinking that it was a China specific launch and that is very possible.

But this new leaked image intrigues me. Was the earlier launched phone not Motorola Zeppelin or Motorola has changed some features in phone and launching to again for States consumers.

Talking about the leaked specifications, this phone will have touch-sensitive buttons below the 3.2-inch display with a 480×240 resolution, which is also expected to have touch functionality. The Zeppelin will also sport a 5-megapixel camera, a GPS sensor and the MOTOBLUR interface.

Well, we are digging more and more, lets hope we find something worthy.

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