Motorola Enzo & Opus One Android phones to launch at CES 2010

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that opens in Las Vegas in a week’s time from now would be witness to the arrival of two new Android-based smartphones from Motorola.

It is expected that Motorola could go ahead and announce the two phones for two different carriers just in time for the opening of CES. While one would be for Verizon Wireless, the other is expected to hop on to the AT&T network. The phone headed for Verizon would be Motorola’s second for the carrier, while the AT&T phone would be the first-ever Motorola Android phone to debut on the network.

From what we manage to learn, the Enzo could come with a Qualcomm MSM7201A processor, 512MB ROM/256MB RAM, a 3.1-inch display at HVGA, five megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, GPS, Android 1.5 and Motoblur, Motorola’s phone sync service. Meanwhile, the Motorola Opus One would boast of a Zeus XScale processor, 512MB Flash / 256MB of RAM, 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, 3-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, accelerometer, proximity sensor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a microSD card slot and Android location-based services, integrated into the iDEN GPS engine.

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