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Motorola Droid/Milestone in India – Buy Now for less than 30K

The huge Motorola Milestone price drop in United Kingdom has become a good news for all the Android lovers in India.
If you order Motorola Droid (Milestone as it is called in UK and EU) today, you can get it within four days at the your home in India, officially in Unlocked state, which will work with all the GSM operators in India.

Step One: Head Over to eXpansys website, which was the authorized and exclusive retailer of Motorola Milestone till now but no more exclusive rights, and that has actually forced the prices down.
Upon arrival, you will be greeted with the following screen, do not wait and add Motorola Milestone to your shopping cart. the price shown here is £399.99, which is including VAT of £59, which you will not pay, so price comes considerably down to £340.99.

Step Two:  Confirm you order and click on proceed to checkout.

Step Three: Now, you will select the place to ship from the drop down, which in this case ‘Rest of the world’. the default shipping method is DHL, which will bring Milestone in four working days to your doorstep.

Step Four: Fill in your payment and shipping address. You have Credit Card and Paypal as the payment methods here and hit submit order. You will receive confirmation e-mail and you are ready to roll. Keep your control for four more days and Milestone will be yours. Wait, DHL will be charging you custom and other taxes, which will amount around 2,000 INR. The total cost will not cross Rs 30,000.

So, now you are surely a happy man. Drop in your reactions and experiences with Motorola Milestone. And Do not forget to subscribe to RSS and never miss our posts.

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3 thoughts on “Motorola Droid/Milestone in India – Buy Now for less than 30K

  1. Hey, I'm pleased to share with you guys that I went ahead and bought the phone from this site 🙂

    I ordered the phone on Tuesday morning and it arrived on Thursday morning 😀

    It works with my Airtel SIM in Delhi. The phone cost me little less than 25K + 4K (import duty, its increased apparently..)

  2. this has no warranty and Motorola wont touch it as it may not have international warranty. I think expansys paid them to write this .

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