Malicious Banking app detected in Android Market

A malicious application has been removed from the Android Market after it was discovered that it attempted to steal banking details from customers of the First Tech Credit Union.

The app, called ‘Droid09’, posed as an online banking interface, but instead was a phishing tool designed to gain bank logins and account numbers.

As reported on the First Tech Credit Union website, the application, uploaded by a user calling himself Droid09, posed as a useful utility for managing accounts on Android-based mobile devices. While at first glance the application seemed legitimate – and there are mobile banking applications available for the platform – it turned out to be the work of a fraudster who used the application to harvest online banking details.

While the attack wasn’t aimed specifically at the First Tech Credit Union, which was founded in 1952 by employees of the Tektronix corporation, the credit union was the first to officially denounce the application – and to alert Google that it should be removed from the Market.

While all of the applications uploaded by Droid09 have been removed since the alert went out

Android fans who downloaded any of Droid09’s apps are advised to purge them from their phones before consulting their mobile phone firm for further advice.

The incident happened in December, but became public after news outlets picked up on First Tech Credit Union’s fraud alert on Monday.

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