Korea to get Android powered 'Motorola Sholes' soon

Telecoms Korea is reporting  that Korea will soon get to see Android. As Motorola is scheduled to launch XT-720 Android phone  via SK Telecom next month.

Well, According to the image posted by Telecoms Korea, this phone phone looks almost same as Motorola Sholes aka XT-701, which is coming officially to China sometime soon. Sholes have had different code names all this while in leaks and XT-720 was also one of them, so we can expect Motorola Sholes to hit Korea as XT-720 or XT701.

According to a brief note by Mirae Asset Research today, the XT-720 adopts Android version 2.0 and is equipped with a Cortex processor. The smartphone has a 3.7-inch TFT LCD and 5-megapixel camera module. Other features include GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity and multi-tasking.

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