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HTC Adds Sense to HTC Magic

HTC have pushed out a ROM update for the HTC Magic, and as promised it delivers their Sense UI to the Android smartphone. The company had confirmed back in 2009 that Asian Magic handset would have access to an update, but it seems that all non-carrier-branded devices are now eligible.
The ROM upgrade brings it to ROM v. 3.05.401.3. This doesn’t include an update to the Android OS build as it’s still with Android 1.5. Notice, the word “some” in the title. One of the first steps required is to insert your phone’s serial number before it will even let you upgrade.

What HTC has to say about the ROM

This ROM Upgrade for your HTC Magic will let you experience HTC SenseTM on your phone. HTC SenseTM lets you create a phone just right for you. You can customize your experience to be any way you like. Discover intuitive experiences that make everything you do on your phone effortless and delightful.

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