Google's Android in India: Full Guide – Part 1

Google’s Android OS has come long way in India, from handsets to applications to netbooks and tablet PCs, we have it all here. So, we thought its the high time, we compiled all the known and unknown facts about Android in India. We will be doing a full series on Android phones, prices, plans and interesting facts. So subscribe to our RSS feed, if you don’t want to miss all these posts.

Till Now:
While the Android penetration and awareness is still at very nascent stage, Indians can not complain of being left behind in this next big mobile revolution.

Android was announced on 5 November 2007 was announced with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance and first Android based device HTC Dream was released in the US on 22 October 2008.

HTC Dream

We in India did not get to see the official launch of HTC Dream, HTC Magic became the first Android powered smartphone to reach India’s shores. It was launched with collaboration from Airtel in June 2009. HTC later launched two other Android phone in India, HTC Hero and HTC Tattoo. Samsung became the second cell phone manufacturer to launch an Android phone, with Samsung Galaxy.

HTC Magic India Advt

While, Acer did not launch its Android powered A1 phone in India, it did release Aspire One D250, Android and Windows XP dual boot netbook in India.
On the developer front, Geodesic, the makers of Mundu instant messenger, have launched an instant messenger (IM) for Android phones. CanvasM, a joint veture of Tech Mahindra and Motorola developed Android applications for Airtel.

While Indian companies were slow to adopt Android on their devices, Notion Ink became the first Indian firm to put Android on its Tablet “Adam.” Recently, ‘Wipro‘ became the latest Indian company to join the Android bandwagon to be a part of Android Open Handset Alliance

So, right now we have following Android devices available in India.


  1. HTC Magic
  2. HTC Hero
  3. HTC Tattoo
  4. Samsung Galaxy


  1. Acer Aspire One D250

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