Google Nexus One available on Amazon; ships Internationally (Update)

Well folks if you aint the resident of lucky four countries, there is some respite for you. You can still get ‘super phone’ Nexus One anywhere in the world.

Four sellers have put Nexus One in their inventory over Amazon, all you have to do is to pay over $100 and get it in India, Korea, China, Africa or anywhere else well before launch. At-least one of these sellers is shipping the unlocked phone internationally. I am not quiet sure about the rest three. 🙂

Update – Just checked some of sellers have withdrawn the international shipping from Amazon, Can not find the reason. Well, If you are from India, as Prasad pointed out there is another option for you. 20North is selling Unlocked Nexus One for Rs. 33241 in India.

Thanks Prasad

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