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Google could sell 6 million Nexus One in 2010: Analyst

Google’s Nexus One handset will sell between 5m and 6m units this year, according to Barclays Capital analyst Doug Anmuth. Google unveiled the Nexus One earlier this week, attracting extensive media coverage. The handset is made by long-time Google collaborator HTC, but Google has overseen development and design of the device for the first time.

Anmuth believes Google could rake in between USD2.6bn and USD3.2bn in revenue by selling the device through existing partner T-Mobile, and later Verizon. The figure is impressive given it is the first time the Google brand will be used to sell consumer hardware.

The Nexus has received mixed reviews since launch. The handset is reportedly faster than many smartphones on offer, and easier to use. However, many commentators say it fails to match the iPhone or even the Palm Pre.

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