Best Nexus One Applications – A must have list

After our much hit list of Best Motorola Droid applications, we have brought the list of best Google Nexus One Applications. You can also check the list of best Motorola Cliq/Dext applications here. All the application listed here avaiable in Android Market, although there may be instances that some application might not be available depending upon you region.

1: Dolphin (free app)

Dolphin is one of the best mobile Web browsers. It is fast, reliable, has real tabs, gestures, and multi-touch.

2: ChompSMS (free app)

ChompSMS is the best text client for the Android phone. One aspect that makes this app so much better than the default is the battery usage. By switching to Chomp, you will save your battery.

3: iMusic (free app)

iMusic allows unlimited downloads of MP3s. There is a EULA that insists you agree to remove the song as soon as you have listened to it.

4: FeedR (free app)

FeedR is an RSS reader that works as both an app and a widget. So far, in my quest for the perfect RSS widget, it has proven to be the best yet. FeedR can add preconfigured feeds or you can add your own personal favorites.

5: Advanced Task Killer ($4.99)

Advanced Task Killer is one of those apps you hope you don’t need, but you sometimes must have. Advanced Task Killer allows you to kill an application with a single click. This particular app killer includes an ignore list, a widget version, and a long-press to menu feature.

6: Exchange by Touchdown (free trial)

Exchange by Touchdown is one of the best means to Exchange connectivity on the Android phone. Its Exchange connectivity is outstanding, and the support from the developers is just as great. Now this app is a demo and is free. There is a paid version, which does not revert to demo mode (after five days).

7: ConnectBot (free app)

ConnectBot is an open source secure shell client for your Android phone. This client can manage simultaneous ssh connections and copy/paste between apps, and it has shortcuts for sequences.

8: Barcode Scanner (free app)

Barcode Scanner scans the bar code with your camera and open up the results. No more having to Google a product and sift through pages for reviews and/or prices.

9: Places Directory (free app)

With this tool, you can locate (thanks to your GPS) any nearby place, such as a hotel, restaurant, retail location, or movie theatre. Everything is broken into categories, and you can bookmark your favorites.

10: Evernote (free app)

Evernote is not just for the iPhone. This handy app lets you keep track of nearly anything — and in many ways. You can keep track of things with notes, photos, recordings, and more. And with an Evernote account, you can keep everything in sync online and on your PC.


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