Rumour: HTC Passion coming on T-Mobile

Well, This is rumour and I do not belive it at all but it is worth reporting so here we are.

TMONews is reporting that HTC Passion might be T-Mobile bound and coming in Jan 2010. In Their words,

According to this super ninja, magenta has landed the “Google Phone,” aka codename “Passion” (which we believe to be the HTC Passion, but again thats just the codename, but it makes sense) project with an expected launch in the first two weeks of January.

It is one of the several rumours that have been coming for last so many months about HTC Passion, which the first snapdragon powered HTC Device and has also been called the upcoming Google Phone.

But we recently saw the alleged ‘HTC Passion’ website which puts Passion on Verizon so, we can not believe any of it, but we will certainly get to know more of it soon.

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