Now Access, City On-The-Go by Citysearch for Android

Citysearch, a leading online local guide and an operating business of IAC today announced its new Mobile by Citysearch application for the Google Android platform. Android device users can browse, search and share local information for over 15M local business listings, and post reviews to Citysearch directly from their devices. Mobile by Citysearch for Android joins the family of Citysearch applications for multiple mobile platforms, including iPhone, Palm WebOS, Blackberry devices and all mobile web browsers.

Mobile by Citysearch for Android uses GPS to search the nearest restaurants, cafes, banks, movie theaters and other listings closest to a user’s location, and provides directions via Google Maps. Mobile users can instantly connect and share a new listing with friends within the Citysearch App using email, SMS or Twitter.

The Mobile by Citysearch for Android application will enable users to:

* Submit reviews on the go: Share feedback around local restaurants, bars, boutiques, salons and more
* Share: Share merchant details, reviews and tips via text, e-mail or Twitter
* Search and sort your city, your way:

  •  Auto-identify your location through enhanced GPS search and browse nearby destinations
  •  Search by keyword, category, distance, cost and Citysearch rating

* Access leading Citysearch content: user and editorial reviews, editor’s picks and featured merchants
* Save time and money:

  •  Avoid awkward calculations with “Tip Calculator” and “Split the Bill” features
  •  Bookmark “favorites” or “wish-lists” of Citysearch merchants for easy re-discovery
  •  View recently-viewed merchants and recent searches

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