Nexus One to release on T-Mobile 'later' in 2010?

As, I have been googling to find more information about the possible launch of HTC Bravo in other markets while Google releases Nexus One in US, I hit upon this tweet from Alberto, it seems to be a covert twitter account to leak some Nexus One aka N1 [Nexus One is being called N1 in Google offices] information.

Well he says that the ‘Jan 5’ launch will not be a proper launch but selected people will get Nexus One devices but the actual launch will come later in the year with T-Mobile, which I guess will come around March 2010. Part of this, we already knew, but this is for the first time, we have heard about a possible public launch.

We previously reported that Nexus One might be coming only to US, while HTC will be responsible for the launching a similar specifications bearing HTC Passion/Bravo in other markets.

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