Nexus One is a sure Droid Killer but iPhone killer?

Well after the TNKGRL’s brief review of Google Phone aka Nexus One, now it is the turn of Gizmodo’s Jason to get us hands on report. In his assessment, He has termed Nexus One a sure Droid killer but has not given his verdict on whether its an iPhone killer or not.

We are posting some of important tidbits from the Gizmodo post:

  • The Nexus One is slightly thinner than the iPhone 3GS, and slightly lighter.
  • It feels long and silky and natural in your hand—even more so than the iPhone 3GS.
  • Even though the screen is the same size and same resolution as the Droid, it’s noticeably better. The colors are much more vibrant and the blacks are blacker, as evidenced by putting both side by side and hitting up various websites and loading various games.This is probably the best screen we’ve seen on a smartphone so far. Probably.
  • Nexus One is astonishingly faster than the Droid. The speed dominance was most evident when we compared the loading of webpage
  • When comparing the three phones in loading a webpage over Wi-Fi, the Nexus One loaded first, the iPhone 3GS came in a few seconds later, and the Droid came in a little while after that.
  • The 5-megapixel camera is nice, and the flash works well enough for a flash on a phone, but it’s not spectacular
  • There’s no multitouch in the browser or in the map

Find full Gizmodo post here.

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