Motorola's very own Android app store: SHOP4APPS

Motorola is working on its web-based application store for Android called “SHOP4APPS”. Android and Me got a sneak peek of the application store during its testing.

With the Android Market already in place, an introduction of a Motorola-branded Android application store would give its users more options to shop for apps.

The purchase of applications can be done through Motorola phones as well as through the web. The company is also testing its mobile client for the application store, dubbed the MotoAppstore. The applications can be directly purchased and downloaded from mobile clients.

The SHOP4APPS store also has a “MyLocker” section, which keeps the history of previous downloads and purchases. It also notifies the user in case of a version update on any of the downloaded apps. The application store is also supposed to allow for the re-download and transfer of purchased apps to a new Motorola handset.

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