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Motorola LaJolla to beat HTC Tattoo in Budget Android category

Translating to “The Jewel” in Spanish, Motorola’s leaked La Jolla sounds like it will leave behind HTC Tattoo in the cheapest phone arena. Finally phone manufacturers are gearing up to tap the mass market capabilities of Android.
Android and Me found several references to the LaJolla (as well as the Zeppelin and Motus) in the source code for the Cliq. They’ve been able to dig some specs out of the code; a 528 MHz ARM11 processor, MAX7359 keyboard, Kionix 3-axis accelerometer driver.
Thanks to the newly-released Android 2.0.1 SDK, manufacturers are now able to use differently-sized screens, like the 240 x 400 resolution WQVGA the La Jolla supposedly has.
With its small screen, the LaJolla could be one of these $150-250 devices that Motorola has been alluding to. Current Android phones from Motorola are priced at $399 (CLIQ) and $559 (Droid).

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