Mewbox brings 'DRM Free' music download to Android

Mewbox has launched what could be the ‘iTunes’ rival from Android platform, a DRM-free music download service.

The company first developed the Mewbox for the latest Archos 5 Internet tablet, which was launched in September. Then, the Mewbox interface was developed with a more generic version called ‘Mewbox Vanilla‘ that is better suited to run on any Android based device.

Mewbox provides a user interface and secure, single sign on and taps music provider 7 Digital to offer a library of around four million tracks from over 23,000 labels, including the four big ones.

Mewbox is not available directly from the Android Market yet, but can be downloaded directly from the Mewbox site onto an Android phone, although you will have to ensure that the ‘Unknown Sources’ setting is switched on in order to install it.

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