'HTC Passion' is 'HTC Bravo' for Europe

Well, it’s raining Android news these days, a day after the leaked roadmap of HTC phone for the first half of 2010.

WE have updates now, which will explain the unanswered question in the roadmap.

B3ler3fonte, the user who leaked the roadmap yesterday seems to have got hold of Europe specific roadmap of HTC Devices that why there is no mention of HTC Passion.

In that roadmap ‘HTC Bravo’ is ‘HTC Passion’. Digitimes is reporting via Commercial Times that HTC Passion is coming to US in Jan 2010. We already reported this delay to Jan yesterday.

And, Passion will be subsequently released in Eupore under the Trade name of ‘HTC Bravo’ with T-Mobile in April 2010.

In the words of Digitimes:

The Bravo, which will be powered by a Snapdragon QDS 8250 1GHz CPU, eventually will debut in the US market in January 2010 under the trade name of Passion before being marketed by T-Mobile under the Bravo in Europe in April 2010, the paper said.

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