Full Wikipedia on Android phone with 'WikiPock'

Want Offline access to the full Wikipedia on the go with your Android phone, here is Wikipock, which lets you do that.

WikiPock is a mobile phone application that allows you to search and read Wikipedia articles without an internet connection. All the articles are stored in your mobile phone’s memory so there is no need to download anything from the network. It’s the world’s biggest encyclopedia with over 2.8 million articles in English—in your phone, on the go!

  • * No internet or data connection required. The data is stored in your phone. No need for GPRS/EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi. No roaming or data charges.
  • * Full editorial content. Everything is included (except images).
  • * Instant search. Results appear instantly as you type. Benchmark shows that WikiPock is six times faster than searching and downloading a wiki article from the web with a mobile phone.
  • * Clean mobile-formatted pages. Pages are well formatted and easy to read on your mobile phone’s screen.
  • * Always up-to-date. We provide optional updates for one year so your wiki is always on track with the newest articles and corrections. Check out our Plus Edition.
  • * Battery-life saver. Since there’s no data to download, battery consumption is considerably reduced.
  • * Easy user interface. Intuitive, nothing to learn.
  • * Available in English, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

Price: From $9.99

Jusr Search WikiPock in Android Market, you will get it.

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