Google Phone tag on Nexus One for US only? (Update)

“HTC to market Nexus One elsewhere”
As we await Jan 5, as the tentative Google Phone launch date, we are hearing Google Phone tag for Nexus One might be for United States release only or Europe also. But, HTC is said to be launching the phone in other markets like Asia., a popular Chinese website is reporting that HTC is likely to be involved in the sales of  Google Phone aka Nexus One in markets other than US, with even its brand name on it.
Does that sound like, HTC Bravo coming to Asia with Sense 2.0, (that would even kill Nexus One [:P], who would not want Nexus One with HTC Sense).
Well, I think, As Google does not have that strong offline support in Asia, and its online sale strategy might not bear the fruits, so it made HTC, the boss for elsewhere to promote the phone. As, HTC has a dependable distribution network in these countries, the idea works.
Lets wait and watch.
Update:  Alibaba China is also reporting that Nexus One might be called HTC Bravo outside United States. As we have already seen the Bravo listed in the HTC’s 2010 1st Half roadmap. which I thought was Europe specific. So, till now, we have Nexus One coming to US & HTC Bravo coming to Asia, Europe & Elsewhere.

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