Best Free Games for Android Phones (2009)

As we hear people and devs complaining that Android is not good for Gaming, even Gameloft played an ‘Hide and Seek’ game with Android.We have compiled a list of Best Free Games for you Android device.

‘Mystique Chapter 1’ by Bendroid – This is a 3D horror adventure game, which has you waking up in a bloody bathroom. You’re locked in and you have to find your way out. It’s a point and click adventure, and you combine items to solve puzzles. The 3D graphics are great for the platform, and the puzzles aren’t easy. The game isnt’ for everyone – obviously, it has a mature theme, and the game has a slower pace.

‘SpeedForge 3D‘ – One of the best 3D games on the platform, because there aren’t a whole ton of 3D games on Android. Regardless, the game is a worthy download to show you exactly what the platform is capable of. In SpeedForge 3D, you’re flying a floating car that can shoot weaponry as you pick it up. If it sounds a bit like WipeOut to you, that’s because it IS like WipeOut.

‘Doom’ – This port of the 90’s classic works really well on Android. Even if you have a Touch-Only phone, like the MyTouch 3G, the port of Doom plays really well with onscreen controls. It will play any WAD file that you can throw at it, but if you don’t own an actual copy of Doom, the app itself allows you to download the demo levels that were originally distributed with Doom.

‘Nesoid Lite’ – Android is home to some great emulators. Nesoid is among the best, as it runs on virtually any Android device with little, if any, difficulty. The Droid will have no trouble at all with Nesoid. Basically, if you want to play NES games on your phone, Nesoid is the way to do it. There are some negatives to Nesoid Lite – the free version will not save your game, for instance. It’s also not easy to enter cheat codes. Because it’s an emulator, it isn’t actually a “game” – you’ll have to copy some ROMs onto your microSD card. If you’re running an earlier Android phone, one with a 550Mhz processor (which is most non-Droid phones), set the emulator to run at the original aspect ratio with no sound, and it’ll never skip a beat. Even with sounds though, it’ll run close to full speed.

‘Jewels’ – Let’s face it, every system needs Tetris, and every system needs a Bejeweled clone. Jewels is a great version of the game, because it features hi-res graphics for The Droid.

‘RoboDefense Free’ – If you haven’t played a Tower Defense game yet, you need to give one a try. Your objective is to set up defenses to protect a base that soldiers are marching toward. Powering up these defenses, and discovering ways to trap your enemy (or at least run them by as many turrets as possible) is the fun of the game. RoboDefense offers 100 levels, which is a bit over an hour of game play. The graphics are competent, and the interface is great. Touchscreens were really meant for games like this. It’s shocking how addictive RoboDefense is.

‘Frozen Bubble’ – The Android port of Frozen Bubble allows gamers to play a very Bubble Bobble like game. Frozen Bubble has been met with widespread acclaim on other platforms, most notably Linux, and remains a solid game for the Android platform. On my MyTouch 3G, Frozen Bubble loads nearly instantaneously, and plays quite well with the trackball. The game suffers a bit in widescreen mode, ironically, because it’s “reverse letterboxed”. Frozen Bubble is one of the few games available that plays really well in “tall screen” mode, and as such, comes highly recommended by me.

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