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Android Market may have 150,000 apps in 2010 – Bloomberg

Android may offer as many as 150,000 applications by the end of 2010, as the company chases Apple app store for downloads, according to a mobile-application research firm.

“A lot of developers have come onto the Android platform” because of efforts by Verizon Wireless, Motorola Inc. and Google to promote the system, Flurry Inc. Chief Executive Officer Simon Khalaf said today in an interview. Flurry, based in San Francisco, is a firm that studies applications and their use.

Android currently offers more than 16,000 programs. More than 100,000 are available on Apple’s site for its iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The company may have at least 300,000 applications by the end of next year, Khalaf said. Google will have 100,000 to 150,000, he said.

Motorola, which is rebuilding its phone business around Google’s software, is one of several handset makers that may release more Android devices in 2010. Google, owner of the world’s most popular Internet search engine, disclosed that it was working on a phone in a blog posting on Dec. 12, saying that employees were using the device to provide feedback. Android is free to anyone who wants to develop applications for it.

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