Android Action game 'Seawasp' gets Christmas update

Get ready to save the world from total destruction and hostile takeover with Seawasp, an action-packed Android game from HoneyMilk Labs. Players’ mission is to shoot down enemy ships from the submarine Seawasp through increasing difficult levels while avoiding incoming missiles.

“Seawasp is the ideal Android game for players looking for a riveting, challenging mobile gaming experience. At every turn, players are faced with a new set of obstacles and dangers to overcome. Plus, players can experience an incredible exclusive background music soundtrack by celebrated video game composer Chris Huelsbeck,” according to the creators of Seawasp.

Adds Huelsbeck, “Seawasp is my first released game music production and sound design since becoming an independent composer again, and I had a total blast working on the project. The music is styled after classic old school game soundtracks and should put a smile on the faces of the fans.”

As an added challenge, Huelsbeck has integrated a secret code into the background soundtrack. Players can attempt to uncover the hidden message and enter it on the Seawasp blog. The first 10 players who successfully crack the code and post it to the HoneyMilk Labs Blog will receive Huelsbeck’s acclaimed Number Nine album.

Players can take advantage of 2 different versions of Seawasp: a free “demo” version and a paid “full version,” each with varying levels and rewards.

The demo version includes:
• 3 potential awards
• 3 progressing levels of play
• 2 background music tracks from Huelsbeck

The full version includes:
• 12 potential awards
• 9 total levels of play
• An exclusive music soundtrack from Huelsbeck

Players can get Seawasp on their phones from the Android Market. Plus, players can upgrade to the full version by clicking on the icon seen in the demo version for just 1.99 euros.

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