Telmap Navigator arrives on Android

Telmap today announced the availability of a special edition of Telmap Navigator for Android, allowing Telmap’s location-based services solution to be accessed on Android.

Telmap Navigator for Android enables users to be set-up and navigating within seconds. It provides users with real-time, relevant and localized service and some of its key features include:

Salient Features

  • All-in-one solution including in-car navigation, dedicated pedestrian navigation, local search and content with an easy Tap ‘n’ Go experience
  • Real-time turn-by-turn navigation with 3D moving maps, voice and text instructions announcing street names, real-time traffic information and Points of Interests such as gas stations and parking lots along the way
  • The Place Carousel, a palette of on-map widgets of popular business categories, such as hotels, cafes etc – provides local points of interest though a Tap ‘n’ View search
  • Full route corridor download that’s conducted at the beginning of the navigation session, enabling quick and seamless re-routing when necessary with no need to re-connect to the server.

Telmap is working with all of its customers to bring the Telmap Navigator Android edition to their subscribers. Telmap Navigator for Android is available at leading Tier 1 operators, including Orange, where the service is bundled free of charge, as part of five top tariff plans. More operators are expected to launch in the near future.

via Press Release

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